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Feng Shui Bathroom

In a house, bathroom is not considered a very important and productive place. It is the place is where we wash off all the dirt and clean our body, but still everybody ignores the significance of this place and nobody pays any attention to it. In Feng Shui also, it is not considered too much, but it is surely not ignored. Though it does possess some negativity, but it is not purely negative. Feng Shui also states that bathroom should have attributes like cleanliness, comfort and convenience.

The reason why it is considered such a problem is that it has a draining effect wherever it is located. Therefore, the location of the bathroom poses difficulty and should be carefully chosen. This is to prevent any difficulty with regard to the flow of energy, Chi. Bagua, the Feng Shui map of space, does not accommodate the bathroom in it, which further enhances the difficulty. The most troublesome locations of the bathroom are just next to or above the front door or on the second floor above the kitchen.

The reason being, the location in the entrance hall will drain away the energy as soon as it enters the house, without giving it a chance to circulate in other parts. The bathroom on the second floor above the main door will fill the entrance with negative Chi. A bathroom located above the kitchen will extinguish the fire element of the kitchen, which will badly affect health and prosperity. However, the most perilous position of the bathroom is the center of the house, where it will undermine the complete energy of the whole house.

Bathroom is the place for cleanliness and purification. Thus it should always be kept clean and tidy, so as to minimize the ill effects which might be caused. Moreover, if your bathroom is located at any of the above mentioned problematic places, it becomes even more important to keep it uncluttered and well lit. In addition, you should apply the necessary Feng Shui objects to minimize the ill effects. All this will ensure you that your bathroom becomes an active place which kick starts your day energetically.

Water element is present in the bathroom, so it should be towards the north direction, which supports the element. Do not keep the entire décor of the bathroom in white color. Apply earthy colors to it, like pastel browns and yellows. You can also add aroma candles, soft music, fluffy towels and creative art work, to make your bathroom attractive and inviting. Enjoying a hot water bath, with scented bath salts, is always a delight and reenergizes one completely. So, don't forget to savor the luxury of a nice bathroom.


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