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Feng Shui Main Door

Main door of the house is known as the 'Mouth of Chi'. The house absorbs energy or Chi through the main door. Therefore, it is very important to have a good main entrance, which attracts high levels of energy to improve the life of the occupants. To ensure this, you need to follow the Feng Shui tips and guidelines laid down for a receptive main door. There are a number of considerations like the material of the door, the color of the door and the direction it is facing. These parameters are to be considered and set right. In case the door of your house is facing south, you need to paint it according to the element of the same direction.

The element of South is fire, so paint the door red, orange, purple, strong pink, etc. You can also use green and brown colors associated with the element of wood, as it breeds fire. Another wise decision you need to make, along with the main door, is the protection of the back of the house. This will help the house to hold the energy it absorbs. For instance, the back of the house facing south will be towards north. Thus, you can paint the back door of your house in blue or black color. This is because these colors are representative of Water element, ruling the North direction.

Apart from this, one also needs to take care that no architectural feature hampers the energy flow into the house. For example, if there is a staircase directly facing the main door, it poses a problem in the distribution of free flow of energy and leaves the main door with less energy in comparison to what is required. This can be prevented by placing an art, strong colors, a big plant or a vase of flowers, specific pieces of furniture or mirrors. However, do not place the mirror directly facing the entrance, as it will push all the energy out, before it enters the house.


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