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Feng Shui Living Room

Living Room is the place where people spend quite a lot of time when they are at home. One is required to pay extra attention towards it, so as to allow free flow of positive life energy 'chi', a Feng Shui theory that aspires to develop great harmony in the surroundings as well as life. For living rooms, Feng Shui confers some easy tips to improve the overall quality of life. While planning your living room, keep in mind that dehumidifiers are not acceptable by Feng Shui, whereas corner and alcoves are regarded to be the obstructers of 'chi'.

Consequently, the lights should be placed in such a manner that dark corners do not arise in your living rooms. In case they occur, brighten them up by arranging some piece of art, colorful painting or a plant, to facilitate the flow of positive energy. Make certain not to keep straight plants with thorns in the room. In case your wall is looking dull without any knick-knack, place a mirror that would give a spacious look to your room. Try to put the mirrors in a way so that they reflect a beautiful image or they might encourage negative energy.

Feng Shui discards the idea of muddled living rooms. Thus, do not aim to accommodate lot of furniture in the room. Any metallic object like TV or sound system is considered to disrupt the flow of 'chi'. However, if you still want to keep them inside the room, it is advisable not to place them in the centre. As per the philosophy of Feng Shui, 'Yin' is the masculine energy and 'Yang' is the feminine energy. A balance of both energies is required to doll up your living room in Feng Shui style.

Hence, you should add in feminine elements, for instance soft cushions on the sofa and fresh flowers on the table of the living room. Nevertheless, Feng Shui does not forbid use of dried flowers, but prohibits them in living rooms. Styling your living room signifies endorsing the mood of relaxation in Feng Shui. The best furniture design must be circular, avoiding corners. While the furniture should never get support by walls, the seating area should be comfortable and door-facing.

The entrance of the living room should be free of clutter. It must be lightened up and should have a welcoming appearance. Mirror, by no means, should be placed opposite the door since it reflects the chi. Avoid placing sad or gloomy photographs in the room, as they promote negative energy. If your room has some weird shape, then do place mirrors tactically to direct chi throughout the room. Organize your living room in a decent manner, which is clean, spacious and encourages free flow of positive energy.


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