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Health Feng Shui

As there is an old saying 'Health is Wealth', one cannot ignore the growing health hazards in today's world. Feng Shui is not a healing science and depends mainly on the nature for its effects. More concisely the harmony of elements and the positive energy (called Chi' or cosmic Qi) is very important for good health. The quantity of Chi bears direct connection with the percentage of fungus in the air. Apart from this, all the elements should be in the harmony so that they contribute to achieve the desired effect. The element Earth is responsible for looking after the health luck. It is the ruling element of the health corner and should be placed on the wall opposite to T'ien yi, to ensure good health.

A good night sleep is very necessary for a healthy mind and body. It has a profound influence on your health and determines how well you function during the day. To ensure you sleep well you should keep some very basic feng Shui tips in mind. The color of the walls of your bedroom should be in soft pastel colors, to give a soothing and relaxed feel. The bed sheets should also be preferably of light colors. However, to brighten your spirits you can opt for red color. Keep your bed sheets and pillows clean and keep changing them regularly. You should throw all the clutter out of your room

Keep only bed sheets and towels in the bed draws. Avoid mirrors and electronic gadgets in your bedroom, as they hinder the sleeping patterns. Television and computers should be avoided at all cost. Moreover, they serve as mirrors after being switched off and should be covered during the night. Married couples relations can be affected, if the mirror directly reflects the bed. Another important aspect is the bathroom, which greatly affects the health and prosperity in the house. Always keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down. Put some fresh plants in the bedroom for keeping the area vitalized.

Lighting plays an important role in the overall environment of the space of your house. It sets the mood and strongly stimulates the thought process of the residents. Therefore, one should keep the lightning in mind while arranging and designing the lighting of ones house. The amount of light should be balanced in every sense. It should be neither too harsh, nor too light. It should be appropriate and should not be overdone. Go for soft lampshades and avoid spotlights. Hang crystals in the windows to maximize the effect.

Feng Shui Objects for Health

Lead Crystal Sphere
This crystal enhances the flow of Chi in your space and makes the environment congenial for the occupants.

Longevity Immortal
One of the famous three immortals, Sau, symbolizes Longevity. It possesses many symbols of long life like, a bald high cranium, a peach wood staff and a peach in his hand. The peach symbolizes marriage, immortality and good health.

Energy Balls
Energy Balls are another Chinese device meant for boosting health. These are two metal balls with high and low sound plates inside. They increase strength and cure diseases.

Special Pebble
As the name suggests, Special Pebble is quite special - owing to its healing properties. When put in a container of spring water, it affects the water and transforms it to a powerful healing elixir.

Amethyst is a stone and possesses strong spiritual energy. It supports meditation and activates intellectual side of a person's life. It improves immunity system and enhances psychic skills and intuition too.


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