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Wealth Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an art which helps you live in a better and fruitful manner. Feng Shui can help you acquire wealth only when you work towards acquiring it. It will support you to seek fame and fortune and will create a congenial environment for the same. Feng Shui redirects the energy flow your home and office, in order to attract the wealth opportunities, thus making you prosperous. However, the basic tips remain the same as always, that is, to do away with clutter and wisely arrange the Feng Shui elements and objects in your space. These steps will ensure that you take your first step towards your goal.

The ruling element of the wealth corner is wood and the direction is south east. Therefore, the southeast corner of your home and office must be kept clean and organized. The lighting in this area should be natural, neither too bright nor too dim. Keep this corner constantly lighted or for as long as possible. Apart from this, the free flow of chi, the energy, is a must. Maintain high levels of oxygen so that it brings abundance, vitality and strengthens the energy field. Besides, objects like Citrine and Pyrite, the "sun mineral" is also known for attracting wealth and strengthening your self-esteem.

Feng Shui Products and Tips for Wealth

  • Place a well maintained aquarium in the wealth area (southeast) of the house, since water supports wood. Nine gold fish are considered auspicious. Eight gold and one black fish are also recommended.
  • Other than an aquarium, you can also hang a painting, sculpture or talisman, depicting a beautiful golden fish. It will also activate the same energy.
  • Place a Dragon turtle sculpture in the north sector, to enhance the wealth/water.
  • Use faceted crystals and bamboo wind chimes for stimulating positive chi in the wealth sector.
  • Light, green, brown or other earthy colored candles or the ones intended to energize the element of wood, in the southeast corner.
  • A blue or black rug at your front entryway will ensure opportunities flowing into your home or business.
  • Put healthy, round leafed plants in the wealth sector to bring good 'chi'.
  • A pair of male and female Foo Dogs placed outside your business entrance will keep harmful people and negative influences at bay.
  • Place a crystal paperweight on top of your accounts receivable, contact list, or any paper related to incoming funds to increase wealth. Do not place the paperweight on your bill pile, as this will increase your expenditure.
  • The Chinese dragon or a sculpture depicting the dragon can be placed in the southeast. A fountain with a dragon motif or a dragon incense burner is also very powerful in this area. The money frog can also be placed inside your office door, facing inward.
  • Sales personnel should place three coins tied with red ribbon inside their purse or wallet. Apart from this, these coins can be placed at various places like near phone, inside cash register, near computer etc.

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