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Feng Shui is a scientific way of bringing a change in your way of life. It affects all the important and vital aspects of your very existence. Feng Shui can significantly bring changes in your love life. For those who are looking for a suitable partner, those who are struggling with their existing relationships and those who are missing the spark in their love affairs, Feng shui comes to rescue. There are some rules and guidelines which, if followed in the right manner, can do wonders. These love tips are aimed at improving your relations as well as maintaining them in the same manner forever. So, if you are ready for some spice and steam in your life, read on.

  • Both the sides of your bed should be treated equally. This will enable balanced feng shui energy on both sides of your bed.
  • Have free space in your closets. It will help in free flow of energy and will promote better health and provide more opportunities.
  • Decorate your room with specific images, colors, or items that brings affectionate thoughts about your partner.
  • Keep the south west corner of your space clean, as it is dedicated to the love and relationship aspect of your life.
  • Place items supporting the elements of Earth and Fire in the south west corner. Avoid much of Water, Wood or Metal elements.
  • Put a pair of Feng Shui objects, like, rose, quartz crystals, birds, and scented candles, in the love corner.
  • Your space should allow free flow of love energy and should reflect the beauty of your relationship.

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