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Weddings in India

Famous Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding ceremonies have always been known for their elaborative and ritualistic nature. As most of the Indian religions regard marriage to be a social as well as religious ritual, the wedding ceremony acquires dual importance in the Indian context. Apart from this, in Indian families the Wedding ceremony is also reated as an occasion of celebrations and display of riches and wealth. That is why, the trend of grandiose and ostentatious wedding ceremonies have caught the attention of the people in the country. When even the middle class people go far beyond their capacities to make their wedding ceremony pompous and extravagant, you can easily imagine the display of luxuries in a famous Indian Wedding.

Some of the most famous Indian Weddings in contemporary times have been the wedding ceremonies of Sahara Shree Family and the Mittals. The wedding ceremony of Subroto Roy's sons Seemanto and Sushanto have been one of the most grand marriage ceremonies of modern Indian times.  Arranged in the Sahara city, Lucknow the wedding ceremony was attended by over 11,000 guests and the guest list included the all the big and famous names in India.  The wedding ceremony was so grand that it would always be remembered as one of most exotic wedding ceremonies in the Indian History.

Another wedding, which became the talk of the town, was the wedding of Vanisha Mittal, the daughter of London-based steel tycoon Laxmi Niwas Mittal with Amit Bhatia, a Delhi based investment banker.  The venue of the wedding was the famous Palace of Versailles, where the French 'Sun King' Louis XIV held court in the 17th century, and the 17th-century Vaux le Vicomte, acknowledged as 'the finest chateau and garden' in France. The wedding celebrations went on for six days and the total estimated budget of the wedding was £30m / $55million i.e. about INR 200 crores. The guest list included all big and famous names from Indian and British society. Movie stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta and Aishwarya Rai to name a few.

The marriage ceremonies of Indian film and cricket stars are no less grand. Raveena Tandon's marriage ceremony was held with all the possible grandeur at the Jag Mandir Palace on an island in Pichchola Lake in the Udaipur city of Rajasthan. Hrithik Roshan's wedding ceremony with his long time sweetheart Sussanne at the Golden Palms Resort and Spa, Bangalore was also no less than a fairy tale. The other Indian ceremonies which came to limelight because of their grandeur and magnificence are actress Karisma Kapoor and businessman Sanjay Kapur's wedding, actor Abhishek Bachchan and former Miss World and famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai's wedding, Ace Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar's son Rohan Gavaskar's wedding with his childhood sweetheart Swati, Former cricketer Ajay Jadeja's wedding with Aditi Jaitely and Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar's wedding with Anjali Mehta.


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