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Oriya Wedding Rituals

Wedding in Orissa is a simple affair and is devoid of any extravaganza or opulence. Though the ceremony performed is much like those performed in the Hindu marriage ceremony, there are many different aspects to it. Simplicity and modesty are important factors that define an Oriya wedding. The rituals performed are not at all elaborate. As a part of the wedding ceremony, the bride and the bridegroom are taken to the mandap, where the two are made to sit next to each other, while the priest recites the mantras. Kanyadaan and Haatha Ghanti are two main customs practiced in Oriya wedding. To get detailed information about the traditional Oriya wedding ceremonies performed, explore through the following lines.

Oriya Wedding Customs

Kanyadaan & Saptapadi Custom
The marriage rituals in Oriya wedding ceremony begins with Kanyadaan. The place, where the ritual is performed, is beautifully adored with flowers and leaves. The ceremony begins with the lighting of the scared fire. The purohit or the priest then starts reciting mantras. The focus of this ritual is on saptapadi of every ritual. Firstly, seven heaps of rice grain, symbolizing the seven hills and the saptakulaparwata, are worshipped. Thereafter, the bride and the bridegroom take "saat phere" or seven rounds around the scared fire. Traditionally, the ritual signifies handing over the daughter to the groom by the bride's father.

Haatha Ghanti Custom
Once the bride and groom have taken the seven rounds around the fire, 'Laja' or puffed rice is offered to the fire. While performing this ritual, the brother of the bride stands beside the couple, who face each other. He places his sister's hands on the grooms and puts the puffed rice into them. Together, the couple offers the Laja to the God of fire while the priest continuously chants mantras.


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