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Pre Wedding Buddhist Rituals

A Buddhist marriage is the simplest possible marriage. There are no religious tangles or mandatory rules and regulations. The entire marriage ceremony is treated as a social affair unlike the other religions which also regard it as a religious affair. The only thing that a coupler needs to do for tying a nuptial knot is to go for a registered marriage at court or one of the few Buddhist temples licensed as a legal marriage venue. There is no necessary involvement of monks or any religious preacher. However, in general people find it more auspicious to consult their priests before solemnizing any relationship and that is why before the marriage ceremony, pre wedding rituals like Horoscope Matching and Chessian Betrothal Ceremony takes place in almost all the Buddhist families.

Horoscope Matching
Horoscope matching is given due consideration among Buddhists. After having matched the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom, the boy's family, in consultation with the lama (priest), selects an auspicious day for putting forward the proposal for marriage.

Chessian Betrothal Ceremony
Chessian is the betrothal ceremony, in which the maternal uncle of the bride's parent is seated on a raised platform. The priest recites prayer and gives "madyan", a religious drink to everybody. This is followed by the fixing of wedding date in consultation with the astrologer.


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Pre Wedding Buddhist Rituals
Buddhist Wedding Rituals

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