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Weddings in India

Wedding Hairstyle

A wedding is an occasion when every girl wants to have the look of a royal princess. Everything, from the clothes to footwear to jewelry to make-up should be perfect. Even a simple flaw can turn a young excited bride into a nervous woman! Hairstyle is a very crucial and in fact can change the entire look of a woman if done the right way. Ideally, a bride should start planning the way she wants her hair to look on the day she gets engaged. This will give her ample time to explore different bridal hair styles and also grow her hair if the style requires so.

It is understood that you won’t settle for anything less than the best. The first thing to be done is to find a good hairstylist who is well-known for her bridal make-up and hairstyles. Meet her up and let her examine your hair to decide which style would suit you the best. With an expert at hand, half of your problem is solved! You may go through different hair styling brochures and scan through a multitude of photographs for ideas and to see which style would make you look like an angel on your wedding day.

The best way to choose your style is by keeping in mind your wedding outfit. You may also show the hair stylist your outfit so that selecting a particular style to go with the outfit is easier. Also, let her know some wedding details like whether the venue is outdoor or indoor, whether you are too traditional or are open to modern styling, etc. This is important since many hairstyles also depend upon the fact as to whether a wedding is being held outdoors or indoors. You may want to leave your beautiful long tresses open but an outdoor venue may want you to reconsider your option.

A bridal wedding hairstyle must accentuate the bride’s best features and camouflage the weakness. For instance, if the face of the bride is long and narrow, then a hairstyle that adds volume to her face is the best choice. So you can choose curls and soft perms for adding more volume. If the bride is short, a high French bun would be a good idea with some flicks around the face. It looks neat, sophisticated as well as romantic since a bit of hair is loose and plays around the cheekbones. You can also use styling accessories like stone-studded pins, flowers, etc. to make your hairstyle look even more fabulous.

If you are planning to color your hair, be very careful. Even a simple change of color can transform a look dramatically; it could be really good or really ugly. So incase you are not the adventurous type, don’t experiment just because someone else did it on their wedding. If you really want hair color, go in for a few subtle streaks in chestnut brown or amber. Another important caution is not to cut your hair too short. For all that you know, it may grow back very slowly and you may end up looking like a college student on your wedding day!

Different weddings have different customs. If it is essential to cover up the head in your religion, opt a style that is sturdy enough to hold your veil in place. You don’t want your veil to come off in the middle of the rituals and embarrass you to the core! Tell the hairdresser to keep a supply of ample of hairpins to keep the veil and your hair in place. A word of advice: Don’t shampoo or condition your hair on the wedding day. It may make your hair very soft and silky, thus preventing it from staying up during the styling. Whatever you do, always remember that you will look your best with the right confidence and attitude. All the Best!


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