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Marrying Your Best Friend

Many people marry their best friend who they are passionately in love with. Many of them are satisfied in their decision as well, because they have found their soul mate in their friend, with whom they share a high comfort level. They feel that there is nothing much to explore in your friend, because they already know him/her from head to toe. This is the prime reason, which drives close pals to tie the wedding knot. However, marrying best friend can end up having tragic situations as well, if the demands of compromise, adjustments, mutual respect and trust are not satisfied. This brings out the fact that everything has its own pros and cons and the same holds true in case of marriage between best friends too. Here in this article, we have discussed the pros and cons of marriages between best friends.

Marriages Between Best Friends

Looking at the positive side, best friends usually share a great level of mutual understanding and comfort. This is the reason why in many cases, marrying a best friend has worked out beautifully. It is very easy to be with your spouse, when he/she is your best friend. When you have chosen your best friend as your significant half, in order to lead the rest of your life with him/her, then you don’t have to face the awkward situation of exploring him/her one by one after marriage, because by this time, you would be well acquainted with his/her likes and dislikes. Similar feelings would be reciprocated from your spouse as well, which in turn would give you the confidence of leading an effortless life, wherein you do not have to maintain formalities with your partner. Cons

On the negative side, best friends sometimes start taking each other for granted, for the simple reason that the other person would not feel badly for whatever they do, because they understand them well. This often gives the feeling that the other person is not respecting their feelings enough, given the fact that they are now their spouse, not merely best friend. As a result, misunderstandings creep in. The couple then looses the confidence in continuing a marital relationship further. Worst is the case, when such as relationship reaches the dead end due to the lack of mutual respect. Lack of mutual respect is a common factor, which restricts many couple to convert their friendship to a marital relationship.

For some, marrying the best friend is the ultimate option leading a blissful life, which is free of any hassle. Some couples have found that their passion for each other increases, with the passing time. For others, it is the best way of settling down in life. Those who feel that they are giving up something, instead of gaining something, marital relationship with a best friend can never work out wonders. On the contrary, those who are willing to start a family life with the one whom they have been friends with for quite sometime, would find this relationship to be one to aspire for.


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