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Wedding Car Decoration

Wedding car is an important aspect of the wedding ceremony. There are various ways you can decorate your wedding car. Today, car decor is given a lot of attention as people has become more fashion conscious and realized the importance of having a completely coordinated and organized wedding celebration. People pay a lot of attention to even the minute detailing, so as to make the car used in the wedding ceremony, also a unique one. Nowadays, car decoration florists are available, who specialize in the art of decorating wedding car. Mostly, people assign them with the decor. However, if you want to customize the look of the car, make sure to give in your inputs as well, providing them with innovative and creative ideas. To get unique bridal wedding car decoration ideas, browse through the following lines.

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

  • How much money you are willing to shell out would go a long way in determining the look of the car. The cost of the decoration varies depending on the designs and material used. If you have a high budget, you can go for expensive flowers such as carnations or English Lilies and other costly decor items, but if you are on a restricted budget, roses serve as a good option.
  • The color of the wedding car would be influential when it comes to designing the car. If the car is of white color, then you can use any brightly colored flowers, as it will make the car look bright and colorful.
  • Remember, car decorations should be one that is simple and impressive. Fresh flowers are the best bet, when it comes to wedding car decoration. Not only flowers suit the occasion most favorably, but also enhance the look of the car considerably.
  • Theme weddings have risen in popularity. In case, you have organized a themed wedding, make sure that the car is also a part of the theme. The color scheme you chose should be one that is well coordinated with all aspects of the wedding. For instance, if red and yellow are color schemes used on wedding cards, gift wrapping, mandap, decor, and so on, then, ideally, your car decor should be done in the same color using drapes or flowers.
  • If you are decorating with fresh flowers, make sure you arrange bouquets and place them at strategic locations so that these enhance the look of the car. Mostly, a bouquet is placed at the bonnet of the car and the other can be kept at the hatchback portion of the car.
  • In case you want to go for non-natural decor, you can put artificial bunch of flowers with netted cloth or organza or satins
  • Apart from artificial flower, you can even go for other accessories such as satin ribbons, zari doris, colorful threads, bows, mirror artifacts, hangings, tissue, net and bandhani drapes.
  • A contemporary car decoration idea would be to adore the vehicle with a balloon decor. You can decorate your car with colorful heart shaped balloons and net. Balloons give an unconventional look to the decor.
  • Customized car decor arrangements are available as per car model even artificial garlands are also available. You can decorate your car with those artificial flowers. These ready made accessories are easy to fix and takes very less time.
  • Whatever car decoration you undertake to do, make sure that it does not hamper the vision and makes driving difficult. While adoring the car, many a times we forget that the car after all needs to be driven. The decor should be such that the driver faces no problems or difficulties.

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