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Weddings in India

Indian Wedding Reception

Indian wedding is one of the most extravagant affairs, marked by great pomp and gaiety. There is a riot of rituals and customs that are practiced in a Hindu wedding ceremony, which are not only practiced on the wedding day, but extend before and after the wedding rites. One such post wedding ceremony is the wedding reception party. India, being a land of diversity, is rich in culture and heritage. So, ceremonies differ from religion to religion and place to place, as each are guided by their own customs and norms. Usually, the reception party is held after the wedding day and is attended by the friends and relatives from both the families, who essentially gather to celebrate with the newly wedded couple.

Hindu Wedding Reception Party
Wedding reception party is virtually the first public appearance of the couple together, after wedding where they receive the blessing and gifts from the society and relatives. It is just an extension of the wedding day and is characterized by opulence and magnificence. While the Decor of the place makes it looks mesmerizing and majestic, lavish cuisine and excellent dishes spice up the entire ambience of the reception party place. Much to the surprise and unlike all the other ceremonies, the wedding reception party in Hindu custom does not encompass of any customs and rituals. It is a way that the groom's community welcomes the bride with open arms. A jovial affair, the party is dominated with good music and non stop dancing by the guests.

Generally, wedding reception party is held in open spaces such as a garden, courtyard, farm houses, and so on. While the stage is at one end of the place, the eating zone is at the other end. The stage set at the wedding reception area, is adored with exquisite and magnificent decorations. Flowers are the most picked choice when it comes to decorating the party venue. Red roses, orchids and carnations steal the show. Bunches of flowers are arranged in strategic location to add the essence and feel to the party. Apart from flowers, bandhani cloth, balloons, gold tissues and diyas make great choices. As for the dinning area, it is very well arranged, so that every dish prepared is visible to the guests.

Present Scenario
Nowadays, the reception ceremony is seen as a grand affair with lots of majestic entertainment elements in it. The richer sect of the society add flamboyance and ostentations to the party, by hiring music and dance performers from all over the world, to entertain the guests at the reception party. However, there are some reception parties that are held on a traditional theme. In such a state, cultural programs and dances are the main elements of such parties and add the much needed zing to it. In short, the reception party celebration, Decor and entertainment are totally dependent on the taste and liking of the groom's family. Whatever be the case, the main essence of the party is to make the bride feel at ease and also provides an occasion for people, who could not make it to the wedding ceremony.


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