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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki Attunement

The way in which Reiki healing technique is taught is different from the way other healing techniques are taught. The Reiki master transfers the healing technique to the student during the process of attunement. During Reiki attunement, the master opens the crown, heart and palm chakras creating a link between the recipient and the Reiki source or universal life energy. Reiki attunement is an extremely spiritual experience. Attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki master. The energies are guided by God-consciousness and makes adjustment in the process according to the needs of the student. Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who help implement the process also attend the attunement. During attunement many students report having mystical experiences including personal messages, visions, healing and past life experiences. This process also increases psychic sensitivity. Students report that after attunement there is an increase in intuitive awareness and other psychic abilities.

After receiving Reiki attunement, the Reiki energy will be with you for the rest of your life. Even as time passes neither will it wear off nor will you lose it. Though one attunement is enough for all the levels of Reiki it has been found that additional attunements for each level is beneficial. Additional attunements refines the Reiki energy one is channeling, there is an increase in the strength of the energy, greater capacity to heal personal problems, increased psychic sensitivity etc. Reiki attunement results in a cleansing process of the body, mind and spirit. Toxins from the body are removed with feeling and thoughts that are no longer used. Thus many Reiki masters ask students to follow a purification process before attunement so that the benefits of attunement are increased and that the attunement energies work better. This process is optional and each student should decide whether they want to follow it or not. Given below are the steps to follow for the purification process:

  1. Stop eating meat three days ahead of attunement. Meat has toxins in the form of pesticides that can cause imbalance in the human body.

  2. If you are a vegetarian or have fasted before, try a water or juice fast on one of these three days.

  3. Stop or reduce the intake of caffeine as it disturbs the nervous and endocrine system. Do not drink caffeine on the day of attunement.

  4. Give up alcohol at least three days ahead of attunement.

  5. Reduce the intake of sweet and do not eat chocolate.

  6. If you smoke, reduce smoking and try not to smoke on the day of attunement.

  7. Meditate for an hour a day for at least a week ahead of attunement. Use a style of meditation you are familiar with or simply spend an hour in silence.

  8. Reduce or stop reading the newspaper, watching TV and listening to the radio.

  9. Take long walks, spend time with nature and do some moderate exercise.

  10. Pay more attention to subtle sensations and feeling within and around. Spend time contemplating on their meaning.

  11. Let go of all anger, fear, jealousy etc. and all negative emotions. Try to be at peace with yourself and create a sacred space inside and outside yourself.

  12. After receiving Reiki attunement you will become a part of the group of people who are trying to heal themselves and others and in the process trying to heal the Earth together. Try to prepare your mind to open up to higher spiritual energies and experiences.


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