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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki Healing Fee

Reiki is an interesting alternative treatment that heals the body, mind and spirit. Reiki involves active healing in which the client too has a role to play. While undergoing Reiki healing it is up to the recipient to deicde whether he wants to be healed or not. It he decides to block the Reiki healing process then he will not be healed. A hotly debated topic among Reiki practitioners is whether to charge for Reiki or not. As healing in Reiki uses the universal energy force a number of practitioners that Reiki masters should not charge for healing and teaching Reiki. Others feel that since they are providing a serivce to the client they should charge for it, but the fee should be a nominal amount. These people feel that the client will not understand the value of the service they are providing and will not have any gratitude for what they are receiving unless a monetary value is attached to it.

There is no doubt that Reiki uses existing energy to heal a person and that healing is dependent on the person involved. So one branch of practitioners believe that since you are using everything that is freely there is nothing to charge for. And the healer is only a channel and the recipient draws as much energy as he needs from the healer. The other branch of practitioners believes that deciding on whether to charge or not should be an individual practitioners choice. They argue that the world needs more healers than there are. And the world does not need burned out or sick healer who cannot heal any longer. In order to continue the good task of healing, the practitioner has to keep his body and soul together, for this he needs money. Hence a practitioner should charge a small fees in order to maintain himself in this world where everything costs money.


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