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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki Symbols

Reiki has four sacred healing symbols. These symbols enhance the flow of 'life force energy'. These symbols unlock the doors to greater and higher levels of awareness. The Reiki symbols are Sanskrit-derived Japanese forms. It is believed that all languages of the world are derived from Sanskrit. The Vedas are the oldest texts know to man and these are written in Sanskrit. According to the Vedas, Sanskrit is the language of the spirit world. The Reiki symbols are shown to the students before attunement. A link is established between the symbol that is shown and the metaphysical energies that the symbol represents. Reiki attunement empowers the symbols to fulfill their intended purpose. This process has been created by a sacred agreement between God and those who have received attunement. It is believed that the symbols themselves have a consciousness of their own. By meditating on the symbols, one can receive guidance on the manner in which to use them from the symbols themselves. The four Reiki symbols are:

  • Cho Ku Rei: Is the Power Symbol. When it is used it is believed that Reiki energy will increase significantly. It is normally used at the beginning of a healing session and as and when more energy is required. The Power Symbol is used particularly to heal physical aliments that affect the body.

  • Sei He Ki: Is the symbol used for mental and emotional healing, protection, cleansing and balancing. This symbol cures illness of the subconscious and conscious mind. This symbol also balances the right and left-brain. During treatment if a patient gets emotional, you can use this symbol to help the person release all the pent up emotions and clear his mind. It can be used to purify food, water and remove negative energy from a room.

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: Is the distance-healing symbol. Using this symbol you can transmit Reiki energy across time and space. You can use the symbol as a bridge across time. Using this symbol, you can send Reiki energy in to the past to heal issues that affect you in the present and to the future to support you during a particular event. You can send Reiki energy to a person across the globe who needs your help. This symbol allows you access to the Akashic Records or life records of each individual and thus can be used to heal issues in the past that are affecting the person's present.

  • Dai Ko Myo: Is the Mater Symbol. It is considered to be the Light of the Buddha or the Light of the Awakened Heart. It signifies expanded wisdom and an ability to see the future. It is used to heal the soul.


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