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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Choosing Reiki Healer

While choosing a Reiki healer it is best to go along with your intuition. If you feel comfortable with the person while speaking to him, then you should take a session with him and then decide if you want him to be your Reiki healer/teacher. It is best that you speak to the Reiki master over the phone and then arrange a session/class with him. You should meet him personally to form an opinion about him. A number of Reiki practitioner organize group sessions. You could attend one of these and then make your decision.

After speaking to the Reiki master over the phone you could even get references of other clients. You could speak to these clients and ask them about their experience with the practitioner and then arrange for a class for yourself. Here are some things that you must remember while choosing a Reiki healer:

  • Remember to meet the Reiki master personally before deciding any further course of action.

  • Find out about the healer's personal experience with Reiki.

  • Find out how Reiki has helped the healer personally and spiritually.

  • Find out for how long the healer has been practicing Reiki.

  • Find out what the Reiki master has learnt from Reiki and how it has changed his life.

  • Find out who taught the healer.

  • Find out whether the healer has experience in the areas of healing that you are interested in.

  • Find out whether he is willing to accept a belief system other than his.

  • Attend one session before you decide on a healer.

  • Reiki should be a comfortable experience, therefore select a healer you are comfortable with.

  • As a healer uses Reiki frequently to work through different issues, he becomes a more effective channel for Reiki energy.

Attend a Reiki class, talk to the Reiki master and find out everything you want to know. See whether you are comfortable with him and his method of practicing Reiki and finally follow your intuition.


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