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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki Hand Position

The effectiveness of Reiki as a healing technique lies in its simplicity. In Reiki, treatment is conducted by placing the hands in different positions on the body. It is believed that Dr. Hayashi developed the standard hand positions and passed them on to Mrs. Takata. But it is believed that Dr. Usui and Dr. Hayashi worked mostly with the head and used hand positions directly on the problem areas. Traditional Reiki hand positions cover all the important charkas and some acupuncture points. Traditionally, while giving Reiki treatment, treatment was given to the entire body and not just the affected area. Whole treatment may take about an hour or just over an hour and this kind of treatment has a good overall balancing effect on the person. But some practitioners use specific points while treating diseases. While undergoing treatment there is no need for the patient to remove his clothes. The Reiki practitioner, while treating will place his hands on some or all positions on the body as required. The entire process is usually relaxing and benefits both the patient and the practitioner.

Given below are the traditionally hand positions of Reiki:

Front of the body:

  • Eyes/third eye

  • Temples

  • Ears

  • Back of the head

  • The throat- there is no need to touch the throat, just surround it with cupped hands

  • "T" on the heart

  • Below the chest

  • Above the navel

  • Below the navel

  • Knees

  • Ankles and feet

On the Back:
  • Behind the top of the head and behind the head

  • Shoulders use this area to send Reiki through the body to the feet.

  • Top of the back

  • Middle back

  • Lower back

  • Butt T

  • Knees

  • Ankles and feet

Some practitioners place their hands on the body in these places and others place it a few inches above these areas. Both of them are right it is for the practitioner and the patient to decide together on how it is to be done.


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