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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Information On Reiki

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using 'universal life energy'. This energy is all around us and within us. In Reiki this energy is channalized through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki heals the body, mind and spirit. You can use Reiki on yourself or on people you want to help. In Reiki the spiritually guided energy flows where it is required and the recipient will feel a warm sensation or a tingling sensation in the body. Reiki has no belief system attached to it. Anyone can receive Reiki treatment or attunement; he must have the desire to be healed. Reiki is a relaxing and soothing experience. Given below in some general information about Reiki.

  • You should give yourself Reiki at least three times a week, as preventive medicine.

  • A Reiki session normally lasts about an hour.

  • Gently place your hands on the recipient do not press the person's body.

  • The recipient should not cross legs or hands during a Reiki session as it may block the flow of energy.

  • You can use Reiki to protect yourself. Invite Reiki to surround you and anyone else that you want to protect. You may see energy from the earth and sky combining to form an orange "Reiki Ball". You will have to expand the ball to surround those you want to protect.

  • Before healing let your palms hover over the recipient's body, at a distance of about, two inches from the body. If you feel coolness, heat or tingling, place you hands before and after the spot where you felt the sensation and direct Reiki through it.

  • You can send Reiki to heal or help a situation by sending or beaming Reiki to all those involved in the situation. Ask for the best possible result for everyone in that situation. This will ensure that all the people involved in the situation are happy and fulfilled.

  • You can wish for what you want, by imagining it and visualize the earth behind it and fill the scene with Reiki.

  • Many recipients may need emotional release and may cry during a session. All you need to do is send Reiki and empathize with them and help them face the situation. These emotional releases are a necessary part of the healing process. These outbursts will be short ones and these will occur when the recipient is ready to handle it.


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