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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki for many people is an effective alternative method of healing. Reiki uses the 'life force energy' to heal illness. According to Reiki a balance in 'life force energy' leads to good health and an imbalance in this energy leads to ill health. A Reiki healer can restore this energy balance thus healing illness. A Reiki practitioner uses different hand positions on the client's body and energy flows through his hands to the recipient. The practitioner places his hands on the different chakras or energy centers, in the body of the client. By doing this he opens and cleanses the chakras and as energy flows from his hands into the client's body the normal flow of energy is restored. Advocates of Reiki believe that there is universal energy in every individual and each of them can utilize it. But only those who are initiated can transfer energy to other people.

Any individual can choose to learn Reiki from a person who has already been initiated or a Reiki master. Once a person is initiated to Reiki the universal energy flows freely through him and in a concentrated manner from his hands. A Reiki healer can heal a person from a distance as well. Using the distance healing technique Reiki practitioners can heal and help people who are not physically present at a place. Any one can learn Reiki and the length of a session or class ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. In Reiki the client is also an active part of the healing process. Reiki is based on free will of the client. It is up to the client to decide whether he wants to receive Reiki or not and how much of energy he needs. Reiki healing uses a holistic approach that treats the mind, body and spirit.


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