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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki Treatment

Reiki can heal anything as it works at the fundamental level of reality. The only thing that limits Reiki treatment is the client's attitude. If the client is unwilling to accept Reiki then he is creating a block for himself. Humans and animals are not physical beings. Other than our physical body, we have three other bodies. These invisible, non-physical bodies are made up of energy that consists of 'Chi', which controls and affects the physical body. Conventional medicine only treats the physical body. Reiki treats all the four bodies. Medical science deals with only the symptoms whereas Reiki not only heals the symptoms but also the root cause of the symptoms. Reiki operates in the energy structure that underlies the physical matter. According to Reiki practitioners, Reiki works at a level where anything can be changed as in the energy structure everything can be changed. Therefore Reiki can heal both physical and emotional aliments.

Reiki's healing energy has an intelligence that is beyond human consciousness and will move in the direction it is needed irrespective of the hand position. The only thing that seems to limit the healing energy of Reiki is the client's willingness to give up old habits and patterns and to accept change and healing. Healing in Reiki is not curing the physical symptoms and the root cause of the illness, but it also means returning the individual to complete state of mental and physical well being.


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