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Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

Finally your dream date of getting married has been decided, and now it’s time to spend bucks generously. But those liberal payments could debit your hard-earned bank balance. Seeing that everything is getting more and more expensive, you cannot cut down things from your list. All you can do is to cut down the excessive expenditure. One such great cost-cutting expenditure is wedding invitations/cards. Wedding invitation is an important part of every marriage and moreover, it gives an idea about the event. So why don’t you plan something creative and resourceful, which not only help save your money but also bring you lots of compliments.

Yes, this idea of do-it-yourself wedding invitations is great and can be easily done. Just prod your creative nerve and adjoin a personal touch to your special event with homemade wedding cards. In the company of personal computers, easy downloadable templates, fonts and special wedding clipart, the about-to-be couple has everything to craft some really good wedding invitations. For stationery, you can always check out the stationery and art supply stores. Browse the provided easy steps of do it yourself wedding invitations.

  • First of all, select the decorative paper to make wedding invitations. Since you have lots of options ranging from classic ivory, classic white, floral prints to tropical, you have to select the paper according to your budget and occasion.
  • Once the paper is chosen, you can use stylish fonts, clip art, borders, and photos, while keeping in mind about the space that matter will occupy.
  • If you’re in doubt about the right RGB (red/green/blue) combination to print silver or gold lettering, discuss with wedding message boards on the internet. Use your printer to get the printed matter on your cards.
  • You can also add a creative touch by hand-painting the invitations. There are many options. To create a beautiful border, you can use watercolor paints in the order of edge.
  • A lovely handmade look can be obtained by pasting a plain ribbon, dried flower, or a small shell on the invitation. You can use a photograph to make it a superb keepsake. However, all these things are not necessary; it’s entirely up to you.

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