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Kannada Pre Wedding Rituals

Well if you thought is Indian wedding is only a single day affair, you are definitely in for a surprise. Traditionally, wedding celebrations in India extend almost a week long and incorporates pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. In Karnataka, wherein Kannada wedding is practiced, marriage is a lengthy affair and constitutes of many rituals that are practiced before the actual D-Day. After the fixing of the union, the horoscopes of bride and the groom are matched and a date for the engagement party is set. Nischay Tamulam, Naandi custom, Kaashi Yatre tradition and Dev Karya ceremony are some of the ceremonies that take place as the pre wedding rituals. To get details about each of the pre-wedding Kannada rituals, browse through the following lines.

Kannada Pre Wedding Customs

Nischay Tamulam or Fixing of the Alliance
In the betrothal ceremony, the parents of both the bride and the groom agree for the marriage of their children. While the groom's family, present the bride with a sari, blouse piece, coconut and fruits, the bride's family gift the groom a dhoti, coconut and many fruits. As this ritual of exchange of gift takes place, the priest recites mantras.

Naandi Custom
Naandi custom is performed by both the groom as well as bride's family in their respective homes. This is done to ensure that the marriage takes place smoothly.

Kaashi Yatre Tradition
As a part of Kaashi Yatre tradition, the bridegroom pretends that he is very angry and leaving for Kashi yatra because nobody is making an effort to find a suitable bride for him. He makes an announcement of his Brahmacharya. He stops only when his maternal uncle persuades him by showing him the girl that he has chosen for him. Or else he makes an offer of marrying his own daughter to him.

Dev Karya Ceremony
Traditionally, this ceremony is performed on the day of the arrival of the groom's family to the girl's village. All the items of marriage are placed in front of the idol of Lord Ganesha, to seek his divine blessings. Thereafter, turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom, to lend glow to their skin. This takes place in their respective houses.


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