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Kannada Post Wedding Rituals

Wedding not just about the actual ceremony, but comprises of rituals and traditions that are practiced before and after the wedding. While mostly the days before the actual day is spent preparing and organizing for the day, post wedding rituals are far more relaxed and are mostly involved with welcoming the new bride. Partying and celebration occupy a major portion of the post weddings ceremony. Griha Pravesh or welcoming the bride, the name-change ceremony (wherein the bridegroom decides a name for his wife), clothes gifting ceremony and reception party are some of the major celebration that take place after a Kannada ceremony. In the following lines, we have provided detailed information about each of the post marriage rituals practice in Kannada wedding.

Kannada Post Wedding Customs

Graha Pravesh Tradition
When the bride enters into her new home for the first time, she is given a warm welcome by the groom's parents. This tradition is known as Graha Pravesh. A kalash filled with rice is kept at the house entrance. The bride is then asked to kick it with her right foot and step into the house.

Name Change Ceremony
In the name change ceremony, the bridegroom decides a name for his wife and inscribes it on a plate containing rice with a ring. On the second day after marriage, the bride's family visits the newly weds house and take them to their home. The newly wedded couple stays at the bride's home for a couple of days. Thereafter, the groom's family goes to the bride's house to fetch the couple.

The groom's family presents five saris to the bride, one for each occasion. A beautiful sari is given for the Dare puja, Kanjeevaram sari for the wedding and simple saris for the haldi and puja. When the bride comes to her husband's home after graha pravesh, she is seated on a sari, which is later given to her. The groom dresses up in silk dhoti and pitambar.

Reception party is usually held in the banquet hall in the evening time, where delicious mouthwatering food is served. Music and dance dominate the reception party. Members of the family make merry and celebrate the union of two individuals.


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