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Andaman-And-Nicobar Nearby Places

Mount Harriet - Located at a distance of 55 kms by road and 15 kms by sea from Port Blair, Mount Harriet was the official summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner during the British rule. It lies at an altitude of 365 meters. The place offers magnificent views of the coastline. The sunrise and the sunset in particular are spectacular at Mount Harriet.

Saddle Peak - This is the highest point in Andaman, located at an altitude if 725 metres. The best way to get to this place is to take a boat ride from Kalipur and trek through lush, green, thick forests for over four hours. The only accommodation available is at the Turtle Resort in Kalipur.

Little Andaman - The land of the Onges tribe, Little Andaman is a spectacular amalgamation of bewitching waterfalls, rainforests, mangrove forests, creeks, elephant safaris. Four of the world's seven species of sea turtles nest on its beaches.

Nicobar Island - The Nicobar Islands are off limits to tourists, foreign nationals. The indigenous tribes of the Nicobar Island and Indian Nationals with appropriate permit are the only ones who can visit Nicobar. Some of the popular places in this part of the world include :

Car Nicobar - The headquarters of the Nicobar district. The island lies at a distance of 16 hours by sea from Port Blair. Palm trees cover the fertile land. The Nicobari huts, which are built on stilts with a ladder reaching upto, the door of the hut is unique to the island.

Great Nicobar - Situated at a travel distance of 50-60 hours by sea from Port Blair, this island encompasses the southernmost tip of India called the Indira Point. The island has a biosphere reserve. One of the beaches on this island is also the nesting ground for the Giant Leather Back Turtles.


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