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Mandap Decor Tips

Traditionally, Hindu weddings are solemnized at a well decorated mandap - a four-pole canopy erected at the center of the stage. Although the Decor of the mandap varies from region to region across India, the basic concept remains the same - to bless the bride and the groom, who tie the wedding knot. Mandap is erected at the wedding venue, primarily to conduct rituals like tying the mangalsutra, pheras and exchange of garlands (jaimala). However, in the present time, apart from the wedding rituals, pre-wedding ceremonies, such as engagement, are also conducted at a mandap. Therefore, the canopy holds significance, since it forms a part of the Decor of the important rituals of wedding. If you want to decorate a wedding mandap, then check out the article. In the following lines, we have given some ideas for mandap Decor.

Wedding Mandap Decorations Ideas

  • The wedding mandap can be decorated in bright combinations like red and silver, if you want to impart a traditional look to the Decor. Some of the colors that are considered auspicious for Indian festive occasions like wedding, include red, golden and silver.
  • You may use deep gold and red are the basic color, while decorating a mandap. Eye-catching colors like pink and green also look good, especially when you have decorated the mandap according to a chosen theme.
  • The canopy can be decorated with flowers both artificial and fresh. Provide a bright look to the mandap by using wall hanging and decorative artifacts.
  • Extensive use of flowers like marigold, roses and jasmine would impart a traditional look to your mandap. Make use of marigold garlands and bunches of roses, to decorate the canopy. Drape the garlands around the pillars of the canopy.
  • If you want to make the decorations look different from the traditional one, then opt for a westernized theme. For western look, you may make use of netted drapes, silver color instead of golden and complement it with fresh flowers like carnations, baby roses, lilies or orchid.
  • Instead of garlands, you may also make use of silk drapes to wrap around the pillars of the mandap. Ensure that you have chosen silk drapes that complement the color scheme chosen for the mandap.
  • To provide a perfect backdrop for the mandap, make a bunch of exotic flowers like orchids and carnations, or the most common ones like roses. Hang the bunch of flowers at the center, behind the mandap. That way, the backdrop for the mandap looks very attractive.
  • Line the area of the mandap with a bright carpet. Ensure that the flowers you have chosen for the backdrop are not in contrast with those, used to decorate the mandap.
  • Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the look of the mandap. To set it apart from other places of the wedding venue, illuminate it with strings of yellow lights. You may resort to the economical options of LED lights, or go for the elaborate lighting fixtures.
  • Since the mandap is not left empty, you need to place a couple of chairs, for the bride and the groom to sit. While choosing the furniture, ensure that it goes well with the mandap decorations.

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