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Wedding Kalash And Thali Decor Tips

The ceremonies and rituals performed in Indian weddings have certain social significance. The rituals that are performed before, during and after the wedding symbolize the physical, spiritual and mental unison of the couple, who has tied the wedding knot, as well as the special bond between the families of the two. To indicate the union, certain things are used as 'symbols' of shagun for the ceremony. These include kalash and thali. The symbols indicate the strong tie between the newly married couple as well as their families. If you want to get some ideas for decorating your kalash and thali, this article will be handy. Go through the following lines and get some ideas for kalash and thali Decor.

Decoration Ideas For Kalash and Thali

Kalash Decor

  • Typically, kalash is a sacred pot containing a coconut that is surrounded by mango leaves. The sacred pot is usually made of brass. Silver kalash is also considered auspicious for the occasion, although it is hardly put in use.
  • Kalash can be decorated in a number of ways. Traditionally, people make beautiful designs on the outer portion of the pot. Painting is done outside the kalash.
  • If you are not adept at painting designs, then you may paste stickers on the outer portion of the kalash. Choose designs that look ethnic and truly Indian.
  • Earthen pot can be used as kalash, if it is beautifully adorned with designs. In many regions of the country, people apply a sacred red vermilion on the pot.
  • Since the arrangement of mango leaves (surrounding the coconut) is considered sacred for the entire 'symbol' of shagun, you should choose fresh leaves. Wash them well before use.
  • Talking about the coconut, you may either smear turmeric paste on it and apply a tilak made of vermilion, or leave it as such.
  • Ensure that the coconut you have chosen for the kalash fits into it, perfectly. It should be neither too small, nor too large for the container.

Thali Decor

  • People from different community of India decorate their puja thali for wedding, according to their own custom and traditions.
  • Thalis made of silver or brass is considered auspicious for the wedding ceremony.
  • To give a festive look to your thali, make use of banana leaf to cover the thali and draw a 'swastika' symbol at the middle of the plate. You may place a diya at the center of the thali and adorn its border with colorful flowers, to complete the look.
  • In some regions of the country, people also put arrange a handful of rice, flower petals, kumkum (sacred vermilion), sandalwood paste and various items required for puja in small clay containers, along with an incense stick.
  • To give a traditional and ethnic touch to your thali, make use of small clay containers to place the puja items and then keep the rest of the things around them.
  • You may also decorate your thali with bright golden and silver color paper. For the purpse, wrap the thali with the silver/golden paper and put zari border around it to give a bright look.

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