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Tilak Decor Tips

Centered on the groom, tilak is a pre wedding ceremony and signifies that the prospective groom is affirmed by the father of the to-be bride, for his daughter.   Mainly held at the groom's residence, the members from the bride's side bring gifts for the groom and his family in the form of fruits, sweets and clothing. Traditionally, the bride and her mother do not attend this ceremony. Mostly, it's the male family members and relatives of the bride, who attend the function. The Decor of the function usually varies according to the regions, as each region has its influence on the Decor. Since weddings, today, are mostly organized keeping a theme in mind, the decorations for the tilak ceremony also adheres to the same theme. To get tips on how to decorate the house for the tilak ceremony, read through the following lines.

Tilak Ceremony Decoration

  • The decoration for the tilak ceremony is dependant on certain factors such as the theme of the wedding, budget of the wedding or even personal taste.
  • If there is a definite color code or theme of the wedding, the Decor for the tilak ceremony would be done in the same manner. For instance, if red and green is the theme that is followed, the tilak ceremony Decor would also be done in the same manner.
  • The budget set is one of the most important factors, when it comes to decorations for the tilak ceremony. The amount of money you are willing to spend would determine the look of the ceremony place.
  • The entrance of the home is one of the first places, which requires appropriate concern. A colorful rangoli can be a very good option to explore. Using flowers, colorful powder, diyas, and so on, create an artistic rangoli. Also, place decorative kalash to enhance the look completely.
  • In case you want to give the place a traditional outlook, using Indian ethnic colors like orange, red, maroon or bandhni drapes, along with gold tissue surrounding the entire living area or the place where the tilak ceremony will be held, would serve as the best bet.
  • Add to the Decor by placing decorative vases filled with fresh flowers in strategic locations. Make sure you match the followers with the decoration theme and color code. The vase chosen can either be the royal antique one or an elegant crystal one. Marigold, gerberas and roses make the most popular choices.
  • Candles would go a long way in enlivening the ambience of the ceremony. They not only add grace and style to the Decor, but also emit sweet fragrance making the place blissful and idyllic. These days, there are different kinds of scented votives and aroma candles available. Choose one that adheres to the theme of your Decor.
  • If the ceremony is taking place at your home, make sure that all the rooms are tidy and decorated neatly. A messy room dumped with clothes is the last thing you want your guest to see.
  • Remember, the thali is also a part of the decoration. Make sure that you decorate it previously with all the necessary items in it. Generally, a thali is adored with bandhani cloth at its rim, with decorated bowl in it. While one bowl has a paste containing sandalwood and saffron, the other has a paste of kumkum and oil. Diya also features in the thali.

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