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Communication Problem In Marriage

Wedding marks a blissful union of two individuals into oneness. However, this idyllic union is also susceptible to stumble upon tints of dilemma and difficulty. There are a number of problems that a couple might face, right from sexual problem to in-law to even financial troubles. However, the most common and general problem that couples face is communication gap. A serious and grave situation, remember, lack of communication crumbles a relationship instantly. Without communication, it is impossible to come to terms with an existing problem, leave about growing your relationship. In case you are facing a similar communication crisis or are looking for ways for refining your interaction with your spouse, look no further. In the following lines, we have provided tips for resolving communication problem in your marriage, effectively.

Overcoming Communication Problems In Marriage

  • The first and foremost thing you should remember is that there is no winner or loser in an argument. If you do not come to a solution, remember, that both of you are lacking communication skills.
  • Compromise is one of the most efficient ways you can improve the communication levels in your marriage. Before discussing a problem, make sure you have thought of solutions that are defined by mutual compromise.
  • Being optimistic holds the key in resolving communication problems. In case you are discussing sensitive marital issues, make sure that you start with positives in your relationship. Focus on things that are working in your relationship and the areas that could use improvement, while underplaying things that are not fine. Once the foundation has been laid, moving to the deeper discussion levels about problem areas would prove to be easy.
  • Another most important aspect you need to brush up on is your power of listening. Remember, a good listener is a good speaker and who knows just by listening to all the problems of your spouse, the two of you might come to a solution, without even arguing about them!!
  • Many a times you must have noticed that while discussing a problem, we reach the phase, when the argument gets heated and irrational. In such a case, the best bet would be to postpone the discussion to a time and place, where effective communication can happen. This would definitely act favorably and save your marriage from crumpling any further. Also, the two of you can contemplate the unreasonable argument with a peaceful mindset.
  • You might be surprised to know, but your body language and facial expression express about 70% of your message. So, make sure that your body language, facial expressions and vocal tone are in line with what you want to say.
  • In case, even after arguments and discussion, both of you fail to come to a plausible solution, the best bet would be to terminate the conversation on a positive note such as, "there is always a next time".
  • At the time of discussion, remember, being polite and refined. Instead of being rude or talking down your partner in a discussion, listen to the argument he/she gives, with a patient ear.
  • Never dismiss an idea or advice given by your partner, by tagging it as absurd or irrational thought. Even if you do not like the idea, react in a respectable manner and give reasons for your reactions or disapproval.
  • Focus on one issue at a time. Frequently, while discussing issues of a financial nature, we tend to jump on emotional and physical issues, when we are losing the conversation. Switching matters is a strict no-no.
  • Try to be honest and direct about your feeling. This would allow a better understanding between you and your partner and also help you come to a solution.

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