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Sexual Problems In Marriage

Although many experts say, marital relationships reach the dead end largely due to financial problems, infidelity and lack of trust, problems with sex and sexuality also rank high. Sexual problem in a marriage can even lead to unfavorable consequences like divorce, if not paid attention to it at the right time. While lack of communication and busy, hectic schedules are the prime reasons for the 'spark' fading away in the relationship, there are many other reasons that aggravate the problem. Tackling sexual problems is vital, because of the fact that sex makes the nuptial relationship healthy and romantic. Given below are some of the common sexual problems in marriage and the best ways to tackle them.

Sexual Problems In Marriage

  • One of the prime reasons that inhibit sex life is career. In the race towards building up their career, couples often neglect the important of sex in their marital relationship, which eventually takes a back seat.
  • Financial responsibilities are another reasons for sexual problems prevalent in marriages, especially among the couples who have kids. In the process of fulfilling the desires of their children, they often forget that sex is essential for maintaining a healthy life.
  • With the passing time, the married couples might not find adequate time for each other. As a result, the frequency of sexual intercourse decreases. Consequently, they feel that the 'spark' in their life has faded away.
  • Health problems are prominent reasons why married couples experience ebbs and tides in their level of sexual intimacy. Erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis are some of the ailments, which lead to lack of sex in the relationship.

Solutions For Sex Problems In Marriage

  • Communication is essential for solving the problems in marriage, including sexuality. Choose the right time to talk to your spouse, about the need to rejuvenate the 'spark'. Ensure that you do not strike up a conversation about the same during the working hours.
  • While talking about the sexual problem with your partner, be sure not to play the blame game. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, work together in order to reach a resolution, about the matter. This way, you will ensure that your partner is aware of what you exactly need.
  • Be precise, sincere and honest with yourself. It is not the time to beat around the bush. Arrive at the matter straightaway, without hesitating. However, in the process, do not be too arrogant or blunt, while putting across your thoughts. Discuss your concerns and issues pertaining to the subject in a polite way, so that the other person doesn't feel that he/she is offended.
  • Apart from communicating your problems, desires and issues concerning sex in your relationship, it is important to check whether there any of you is facing a health problem (both physical and mental). Discuss the problem with a gynecologist. By opening up the issue to a doctor, you would be able to scrutinize the problem in a better way and arrive at a favorable inference.

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