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Indians believe in the adage 'Atithi Devo Bhava', which means that 'a guest is like God'. They shower their guests, whether invited or unsolicited, with utmost care and concern and undertake all the efforts to make them feel at home. And when the guests have especially been requested to come and attend a wedding, they even expect the hospitality to be exceedingly warm. You would be required to show extra care and concern and make sure that they are having a good time at the wedding. For the 'guest hospitality' aspect of an Indian wedding, you will find the tips given below to prove quite useful.

Taking Care Of Wedding Guests in India

  • In case of guests from your city only, who will driving down straight to the venue, please do make sure to call them at least once before the functions are about to start, asking them to come along with their complete family. This is apart from sending the invitation card.
  • For guests who live out of station, giving an invitation phone call a month before the wedding will be the best bet, so that they are able to make the travel arrangements accordingly.
  • Make sure to assign one of your family members, with the task of picking up the guests from the airport/railway station. In case he/she doesn't know anyone, ask him/her to carry placards, with names of the expected guests written therein. At the same time, provide him/her with a car.
  • Making arrangements for the stay of outstation guests is another aspect where you need to give due consideration. In case there is not enough space in your house, book rooms for them in the nearest hotel/guest room, with decent accommodation.
  • Ensuring that the guests get their meals on time forms yet another part of the hospitality. You can either make arrangements for them in the hotel/guest house itself or provide them with a car, to come down to your place, for the meals.
  • If there is enough free time before the wedding and your guests want to go on a sightseeing tour or a shopping spree, it is your responsibility to provide them with a vehicle, in which they will be able to travel around. Try to ensure that a local person accompanies them around the city.
  • On the days of the functions, be it tilak, chunni, mehendi, sangeet, wedding or reception; always remember to give adequate attention to your guests. Make sure that they have had food, are having a good time and do not face any problem.
  • After the wedding is over, in case it is required, you will have to help the guests in making arrangements for their return journey. For instance, you might have to get their plane or train tickets booked and also provide them conveyance for going to the airport/station.
  • Last, but not the least, before your guests leave for their destination, remember to provide them with wedding favors, as a token of thanks. It might something as expensive as a sari or as simple as a small Ganesha idol. Remember, rather than the price, it is the gesture that counts.

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