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Wedding Stage & Mandap Decor

Venue decoration forms a very important part of the overall preparations, in the context of an Indian wedding. Along with food, decoration make up the main aspects of a wedding, which will remain in the mind of your guests for a long time to come. In fact, the wedding Decor is known to create the first impression in the mind of your guests, about the overall preparations. So, it is necessary to take care while undertaking the same. In terms of wedding venue decorations, stage and mandap are the main areas with which you should concern yourself. We have also listed some tips on how to go about decorating the stage and mandap in an Indian wedding, to help you out.

Indian Wedding Stage & Mandap Decor Tips

  • The theme of the wedding, if any, is the first thing that you need to keep in mind, while undertaking the stage and mandap decorations. For instance, if you have chosen a particular color as the theme, the flowers, fabrics and other decoration accessories will be selected accordingly.
  • These days, for creating a beautiful backdrop for the stage, rich and colorful fabrics are made use of. In this context, you can opt for satin, tissue, net, and the like. Remember, the better flowing the fabric, the more attractive will the stage look.
  • Flowers comprise of one of the best decoration options, in terms of stage as well as mandap Decor. As far as possible, you should go for the flowers that include the personal favorites of the bride and groom. Matching them with the overall wedding Decor will also be required.
  • Some of the traditional props that you can make use of, while decorating the wedding stage and mandap, include kalash and ranglo. Making use of typical Indian fabrics, like Bandhani drapes, is another good option. All this will help give an ethnic look to the Decor.
  • When it comes to wedding mandap and stage decorations, lighting is yet another option that you can consider making use of. In fact, these days, many wedding decorators have started making use of a combination of flowers, lighting and drapes.
  • In case of mandap and stage, red-white and red-golden make the most popular color combinations. Adding traditional candles and lanterns to this theme can surely brings out the look. Put in some flowers as well and you have the perfect wedding mandap and stage decorations with you.
  • While using flowers for decoration purposes, you have three options with you. One of them comprises of flower strings, in different colors. Then, you can go for floral bouquets, of varied flowers. Last, but not the least, flower petals can be used for adorning the Decor.
  • In case of mandap, you can make use of small bells as a part of the decorations. Along with that, you can wrap strings of flowers or even light strings around the mandap poles, to add to the overall appeal and make your wedding a memorable affair.

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