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The secret to a long life? 80% of men co...

The secret to a long life? 80% of men could avoid a heart attack with just ...

  Not smoking, taking exercise and drinking in moderation key to reducing risk Healthy diet and having a waist measuring below 37 inches also crucial Giving up each individual bad habit lowers the risk of heart attacks Reduced risk was observed even in men who took medication Most heart... read more »

Tips to survive festive cravings

Tips to survive festive cravings

Even the most strong-willed and health-conscious will give in to temptation. Moreover, it’s no fun to always say `no’. The best way to avoid gaining the extra kilos on your hips and waist is to eat in moderation and follow a regular exercise regimen. There are small ways in which you... read more »

Give your health a boost with artichokes

Give your health a boost with artichokes

Experts say that artichokes are high in antioxidants — more so than most vegetables. Antioxidants neutralise and remove free radicals from your bloodstream, thereby maintaining good health. Artichokes contain antioxidants like rutin, cynarin, quercertin, silymarin, luteolin and... read more »

Have you done troga yet?

Have you done troga yet?

The first time you might have heard of Troga was in a sitcom, where one character, Mitch, asks the other character Claire who’s on a treadmill, “You never heard of Troga?” Since then, in the past one year, it has become one of the most popular forms of workout and has got an... read more »

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Novel way to tackle malaria parasite gene

“This approach could enable much more rapid gene analysis and boost drug-development efforts,” said Jacquin Niles, an associate professor of biological engineering at... read more »

Want to live longer? Eat Walnuts

Scientists discovered that these edible seeds cut the risk of dying from cancer by 40 per cent and from cardiovascular disease by at least 55 per cent, the Daily Express reported. In... read more »

Exercises for better eyesight

In the time it will take you to read this page (five minutes, we anticipate, for the slow reader), you would have blinked 60 times. Of all the muscles present in your body, those that... read more »

2 min of exercise helps elderly stay healthy

It doesn’t require seven days a week exercise that the current Government guidelines promote. People should do muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week that work... read more »

When not to exercise

There are certain times when you shouldn’t be exercising at all, when you can safely stop training and don’t have to blame yourself for being lazyWe are so busy trying to keep fit these... read more »